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Countermeasures against the new coronavirus infections

To prepare for the spread of a new coronaviral infectious disease, we will hold three exhibitions, Transport System EXPO 2020, Wireless Japan 2020, and Wireless Technology Park 2020, in collaboration with the Tokyo Ryutsu Center. We will take the following measures.

■ Place sign boards and announcements to remind attention to infections.
The following information will be thoroughly disseminated.
・Ask for alcohol sanitation by hand
・Request for cough etiquette and wearing masks
・Request to ensure social distance and to refrain from loud conversations
・Request to refrain from entering facilities for people with cold-like symptoms, such as fever

■ Measures taken within the exhibition hall
・Place alcohol sanitizers (entrances, several locations within exhibition hall, all lounge spaces, entrances to seminar rooms, etc.)
・Temperature measurement at the entrance
・Ventilation by semi-opening the shutter that can be opened, and the use of air conditioners
・Placing a standby place for nursing and isolation of the sick
・Preparation for Replacement Masks in the Event(loss, dirty, damage, etc.)
・Ensure as wide an isle between booths as possible
・Ensure that the seminar rooms seating intervals are as wide as possible
・Adopt registration system that can avoid queues at the show


The focal points of the event - road safety, productivity improvement, and sustainable management - are indispensable to the transport industry, and by extension, our society. In close cooperation with concurrent exhibitions such as WJ, and WTP, the venue is always buzzing with a lot of deal-makers, business developers, tech-savvy experts, successful business owners, and various C-suites from public and private sectors including banks and financial advisors. Look no further. Exhibitor application is now open.

VENUE Tokyo Ryutsu Center (TRC) Exhibition Hall
DATE OF SHOW Dec 1 Tue-3 Thu, 2020
Show Management EJK Japan, Ltd.
Official supporters The Japan Third Party Logistics Association, Transportation Digital Business Conference, Nihon Bus Association, Japan Accident Prevention Promotion Association, Japan Breath Alcohol Testing Consortium, Japan Direct Marketing Association, Japan Trucking Association, Japan Packaging Institute, National Supermarket Association of Japan

Transport System Expo takes place concurrently with Wireless Japan and Wireless Technology Park (WTP).